Voltage Optimisation

Is Voltage Optimisation (VO) right for your business?

Voltage Optimisation can work really well for some companies – they aren’t a panacea for all however and it’s important you get the facts. 

Thanks to harmonisation across Europe much of the electrical equipment we operate works most efficiently at 220v-230v. In the UK electricity is supplied at an average of 242v. Anything over this voltage is wasting energy – energy you are paying for.

And when you realise that it is not unusual for power to be supplied more than 250v, you’ll soon get the picture that your hard-earned profitability is being sapped without you even realising it and not helping the carbon footprint of your organisation. Not to mention that this excess voltage will shorten the life of your appliances…

By reducing or ‘Optimising’ the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you make instant savings. Quick and easy to fit, the Eco-Max Commercial Voltage Optimiser will make an instant impact on the profitability of your business. Naturally, the higher your usage, the more you will save. And with the standard integral remote monitoring system, you will be able to see for yourself exactly what you are saving, in real time, anytime and from any PC, Tablet or smartphone.

Attractive finance options (subject to status) are available to ensure you keep 100% of the savings that VO can bring.

You can download a Voltage Optimisation survey form here – VO Site Self-Survey Form. You can fill it in yourself, or give us a call and we’ll guide you through it – it’s only two sides of A4, so not overly time-consuming!

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