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What we do

IU Energy is an award-winning business to business energy consultancy with a successful 17 year history

  • Renewables
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Service and maintenance
  • Breakdown repair of plant
  • Breakdown repair and service of plant we did not install
  • Independent energy brokerage
  • Green energy

South-West based IU Energy is the winner of numerous regional and national awards. In 2018 we were awarded ‘UK Consultancy of the Year’ for 2018/19 by the industry ‘Oscars’, the British Gas sponsored ‘TELCA’ awards. This was in recognition of our customer service and understanding of customer ROI, delivered through energy efficient and renewable technologies. This is just one of our differentiators – as is an in-house, expert, engineering team.

‘In-house’ means that our engineers and installers work for us, they are not self-employed and this ensures a high level of quality, as our numerous testimonials and case studies illustrate. We install complex plant and associated energy efficient technologies, without the complications and delays so often associated with sub-contractors.

Our mission is to stabilise your energy costs through the most competitive energy deals and ultimately sell you less energy through the application of the very best, modern, energy efficient and renewable technologies.

We are also the ‘go to’ company for fixing the faulty installs of other biomass installers, regardless of the plant installed. 

IU Energy has saved and earned its clients many millions of pounds in the time we have been trading.

For our energy brokerage services, we are non-aligned with any utility provider, be it electricity, or gas. This means we have no vested interest in making any one supplier look good to the detriment of our clients.

We are also approved collaborators with Carbon Neutral/Natural Capital Partners, an international organisation helping businesses toward the goal of carbon neutrality.

Whatever your energy needs and challenges, there is no company in the UK with a better track record than IU Energy for delivering business specific solutions. We are trusted by thousands of clients.

We’d love you to be one of them.

Want to cut your energy costs or your energy usage?

Start your journey to energy efficiency with IU Energy, the UK’s top energy consultancy.

How much energy is your business currently wasting?

IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.


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