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What’s the easy way get a 7.7% increase to your bottom line, without 20% more sales?

Plastic manufacturing

What IS the easy way get a 7.7% increase to your bottom line?

Any business can reduce their energy spend and improve their bottom line. Here’s a great example from The Carbon Trust. Elite Plastics Ltd saw the potential to reduce their annual energy spend by more than £60,000. Elite Plastics Ltd will reduce their energy costs by 19% as a result of expert advice through the Green Business Fund support scheme for SMEs.

The primary manufacturing processes at Elite Plastics are blown polythene film, film extrusion, printing and conversion. Growth and rising electricity unit costs led the company to contact the Carbon Trust for a free Green Business Fund Opportunity Assessment to highlight ways that they could decrease their £317,000 annual energy spend.

Following the Opportunity Assessment, the Carbon Trust consultant identified three key ways that would ultimately achieve a £61,000 (19%) reduction
in energy costs.

The recommendations were :

  • Manage energy as a controllable resource
  • Replace existing lighting with an LED system
  • Upgrade old DC motors on the extrusion lines

This has subsequently led Elite Plastics to adopt a low carbon strategy and action the recommendations made in the report. Additionally, the company also applied for the Green Business Fund capital contribution for financial support towards implementing a new LED lighting system. The plastic manufacturer is expecting the project to pay back in under three years and reduce their carbon footprint by 82.5 tonnes per annum.

So what’s the easy way get a 7.7% increase to your bottom line? Reducing energy demand – and there are numerous ways to do it that will have rapid impact – not to mention a convincing ROI which is significantly more than your bank rate.

Original Carbon Trust PDF here. Original Capgemini report on the profit uplift of going green here.

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